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Thai arrest Burmese pro-democracy g (r)

Thai arrest Burmese pro-democracy groups

On 24-11-97, at about (11:30)a.m, offices of pro-democracy groups (NLD-LA,
DPNS, PDF, MDUF and Karen History Research) in Sankhla Buri were rounded up
by the groups of Thai soldiers of No.9 Military Force and Thai police and 17
people including three children were arrested.
It is learnt that the reason is what the pressure of SPDC on the No.9
Military Force after the fighting between KNU and SPDC troops at Mae Katha
near Three Pagodas Pass where 5 SPDC's soldiers including a major were
killed and many were wounded.

The List of people who were arrested are as follows;

1. Ko Kyaw Htet         PDF
2. Ko Shwe Thwe         PDF
3. Ko Lu Maw            PDF
4. Ko Aung Htoo         PDF
5. Ko Charle            DPNS
6. Ko Win Naing         DPNS
7. Ko Nyi Nyi           DPNS
8. Ko Kyaw Naing        DPNS
9. Ko Paw Tun Aung      NLD-LA
10.Ko Aung San Nyunt    NLD-LA
11.U Shein              MDUF
12.Ko Than Htite        MUDF
13.Maung Tun Sein       MDUF (12-year-old)
14.Maung Letwae Tun     MDUF (8-year-old)
15.Maung Nyi Nyi Lwin   MDUF (10-year-old)
16.Ko Htet Khaung       Karen History Research
17.Ko Myint Win      

24-11-97 (11:45 PM)

Present News
It is lent that, Sergeant Kyaw Zaw from SPDC military intelligent number (5)
come and watched on arrested people at the immigration office in Sankhla Buri. 
At the movement, Thai military forces and SPDC military intelligent
both together are  searching remainder pro-democracy offices and office
responsible persons in that area.


11/25/97 4:00:59 PM


In Sangkahla Buri, there were arresting occoured at the revolutionary
forces' office on November 
24, 97. It is believed that there consisted of the SLORC's pressure behind.
The SLORC military regime 
officials pushed the Thai authorities - to arrest the offices as over 20
SLORC soldiers were killed in 
action in the recent battle-field. The plan was arranged by the Military
Intelligence (MI -5) from Three 
Pagoda pass and a sergent, named Sgt. Kyaw Zaw, inspected the vitims while
they were under arrest. Without informing the local authorities, the plans
were done by the commander of the 9th Brigade. Although nobody 
knows about the future of vitims, Thai Army, the follows of charvalit,
becomes the follower of the SLORC 
again among the political unstabilities.