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Thai arrest Burmese pro-democracy g (r)

The arrest were followed by the arrival of new South-Eastern Division
commander, Myint Aung to the Three Pagodas pass on November 20, 1997.  A
captain from the ninth army division met the detainees and told them that
the new government of Burma is good, and they will be deported back there.
Then he asked, what would happen if they were sent back.  On 25, some
officials from the same division came and investigated them.  Sgt. Kyaw
Zaw, a military intelligence from MI 5 came to Sangkhlaburi police station
and took the list of the detainees.  Thai authorities with the help of MI
5, are still searching some escapees including Htoo Chit from PDF and
Naing Htun from DPNS.  The detainees have been told that some plan would
come up for them today.