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Thailand to sign landmine ban treat

The Nation (23 November 1997)

Thailand to sign landmine ban treaty

posted at 19:55 hrs (Bangkok time) 

VANCOUVER, Nov 23 -- Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai told his Canadian
counterpart Jean Chretien that Thailand is willing to sign the treaty to
ban anti-personnel landmine next month in Ottawa. 

Chuan, who also serves as Defence Minister, said Deputy Foreign Minister
Sukhumbhand Paritpatra will travel to the Canadian capital early next
month to join over a hundred other countries to sign the treaty that will
ban the use, manufacture and stockpile of landmines, which claim a victim
every 22 minutes. 

Thailand's decision follows Malaysia, the Philippines and Cambodia and is
seen as a positive sign that the armed forces are moving towards an
increased engagement with the international community. 

In August Army Chief Gen Chetta Thanajaro informed the Foreign Ministry
that the armed forces were ready to abide by the comprehensive treaty
banning anti-personnel landmines. Within weeks, the ministry indicated
its intent to attend the Oslo signing. 

The ceremony is to take place from 2-4 Dec.