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Villagers killed by SPDC(SLORC) tro

News release No. 1/97 by  Wa, Palaung and Lahu Human Rights Committee:
Date. 24/11/

Eleven villagers from Woh Lone village in Kun Heng tongship were short and
killed by SPDC soldiers in June,1997. On April, 1997 SPDC soldiers, LIB 519,
come to Woh Lone village and ordered the villagers to shift to Kun Heng tuwn
with in 3 days. The soldiers also threatened the villagers that those who
failed to do according to order would be shot and killed.
Fearing this, the villagers flee their village and went into hiding in the
forest.After four months hiding some of them come to Thai border on
September, 1997 at Fang township.
While hiding in the forest, SPDC soldiers saw some of them who were on their
way to the village trying to get back food, and were arrested in June,1997.
The SPDC soldiers shot and killed all these arrested people near Hsai Kong
village cemetary.
People shot and killed were:
1. Ma Nyo Aung
2. Aik Pyin Nyar
3. U Wee Lain Ta
4. Nan Kyar
5. Nan Kyot
6. U Pah Tah
7. Daw Nan Htan
8. U Tar Li
9. U Pin Nyar
10. Aik Nyar and 
11. Sai WAn Ti Tar
After, a villagers From Nah Kong Mu village was also arrested. He was also
Short and killed. His Name was Sai Aik Kaw.
These notorious eriminal acts were learnt to be committed by SPDC soldiers
of LIB 519, base unit.
News source From, Daw Pa Lu (58)
A Shan, Buddhist from Woh Lone village, Kun Heng township.

Similar incident happended at Kyaing Kham village, in Kun Hean tounship. Two
villagers were shot and killed. They were arrested by SPDC soldiers while
hiding in the forest. This twovillagers were U Aik Shen and Daw E Shen. The
same fate happended to(2) Wang Yang villagers while hiding in the forest.
They were U Shu Tin Yar and U Nanda.
News source from, U Sai Mee Naw (88)
A Shan , Buddhist from Kyaing Kham village, Kun Heng Township.

News release No. 2/97 by Wa, Palaung and Lahu Human Rights Committee:

Forced Labor:
          On May, 1997, SPDC (SLORC) troops IB.45 and LIB. 333 had ordered
Ban Kong village group in Mung Hsat township to build roads and bridges
going to all military camps stationed at the border.
"Every body were forced to give labor without fail." Said the order. All the
works were to be finished in August, 1997.
Fearing the punishment, the villagers had to obey the order and did what the
soldiers asked them to do. In given labor, let alone the money, even food
were not given to them. They had to bring with them, food to eat together
with the working tools for given labor.