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Burmese Student Politics (r)

Dear Ko Julien Moe,

You are dead right Ko Julien Moe.  We, the students, dedicated all of our
lives for the democracy movement.  However, we shouldn't forget the
importance of the people in all uprisings.  Unless the whole people (not
only students) involved, 8888 uprising would have never been evolved. 
Moreover we should have not forgotten the fact that why we are fighting
for.  We are not fighting for our  own pride, our own interests, and our
own benefits but we are for the people and the country.  So, we should be
down to earth when relating with the people and we should not be a
special class when fighting for the people or whenever.
        I have heard a lot that we, Burmese students saying "don't treat
us like ethnic refugees".  Well, we are from the people and for the
people, so we shouldn't be above the refugees or the people.  Our main
goal is democracy for the people but not for our pride, for our
arrogance, and for our student class (that shouldn't exist).  We should
be down to earth and should always remember that we are serving for the
people but not trying to be a special class of people.
        I hope we all understand where we are going and what we are
doing.  I hope that we all need to view ourselves openly so that we can
change our weakness and mistakes.

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997 05:06:11 -0500 Julien Moe <moe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>Dear Colleagues,
>               The 1988 student generation is obviously untouchable 
>never negotiable.Why?Because they started the revolutionary giving up
>their families and friends and sacrificing their lives.No wonder they 
>untouchable and you'll notice their pride in being the 1988 student
>generation when you discuss politics with them.
>Only after the 1988-student-generation-led uprising ,political parties
>like NLD and the rest were formed.The 1988-student-generation did form
>a party led by Moe Thee Zun.Later they were forced  to take to the 
>and form ABSDF.
>To make a long story short,unless you took part in the 1988 uprising,
>and/or unless you took to the jungle for armed struggle,you wouldn't
>understand how the 1988-student-generation feel and the barrier and
>misunderstandings  between the real or so-called democratic forces and
>the students will still arise.
>Therefore,it's pivotally necessary and important to criticize
>constructively ,not pessimistically no matter what political
>strategy you have.Do we have the same goal?Yes ,we do.Then why
>can't we understand each other, setting aside jealousy,arrogance and
>ignorance?And then wouldn't we make conspicuously fine progress?
>Julien Moe