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The State Peace and Development Cou (r)

Hi Okkar,
	SLORC has changed its name again but what for?  In the statement,
there is no expression of how it will do to bring peace and development. 
The people of Burma don't need the change of its name only, but need the
transfer of power to the elected delegates and elected party.  Why did
SLORC think, it needed to change the name?  In reality, it needs to do
absolute transfer of power and that process.   The people of Burma will
be glad that if SLORC or whatever (because no one cares about its name)
expresses the process of the transfer of power to the elected party and
how it will handover power and how it will do.  It is the most important
thing all, the people of Burma, the international community and the world
want to see and hear but not only the new name.  I wish the generals
should realize that.
	May be you and SLORC figured out that the name SLORC was very bad
(not only the name but also its character.)  There is a very famous book
in English, "The Lord of The Rings" and in which the monsters are called
"orcs".  When people heard the name SLORC, they immediately think of
"orcs".  The name "Strider" in Burmanet is the name of the hero ( who
eliminated the monsters) in that book.  I hope you know now what the
strider means.
	Nothing will happen by changing the name.  The thing those
generals need to do is to handover power to the people immediately.  Only
that will save the country and peace. 
Nyein Chan