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Sulak & Buddhist Economics / Schuma

this might interest some of you, and encourage others to promote 
Free Burma support there

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> Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 14:50:10 GMT
> From: Schumacher College <schumadmin@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Buddhist Economics at Schumacher College
> A.T. ARIYARATNE and SULAK SIVARAKSA will be teaching at Schumacher College,
> an international centre for ecological studies based in England.
> Entitled BUDDHIST ECONOMICS, the course is three weeks long and fully
> residential. Participants will have the opportunity to study Buddhist
> Economics in depth with these renowned teachers, as well as enjoy informal
> interaction with students from all over the world in the welcoming community
> setting of Schumacher College.
> Course dates: JANUARY 11-31, 1998
> Course fee: 1,200 pounds sterling, which includes tuition, residential
> accommodation, food and field trips. If you cannot afford the full fee,
> please ask for details of our bursary policy.
> COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Buddhist teachings have profound insights to offer into
> the psychology of desire and the motivating forces of economics activity.
> These insights can dissolve the confusion between what is truly harmful and
> what is beneficial in production and consumption, creating the foundation
> for a mature ethics. The teachers on this course build on many years of
> practical experience in rural development in their own Buddhist cultures to
> outline sustainable values and strategies for enlightened social change.
> ABOUT THE TEACHERS: Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne is President of the Sarvodaya
> Shramadana Movement which he founded in 1958 to promote human development
> and co-operative activity in Sri Lanka's villages.  In 1996 he was awarded
> the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize.
> Sulak Sivaraksa is a Thai Buddhist, social activist, and founder of many
> initiatives, most recently the Spirit in Education Movement and
> "Alternatives to Consumerism" network, which seek to combat consumerist
> values and promote spiritually-based development.  He won the Right
> Livelihood Award in 1995.
> GENERAL INFORMATION: The intellectual discussions of the course are embedded
> at Schumacher College in physical work involving the whole College community
> - course participants, staff, guests and volunteers. The everyday work of
> taking care of the buildings and each other, in continual contact with
> nature, promotes a level of reflection and understanding in which the whole
> person - their values and life concerns as well as their thinking minds - is
> involved. The natural development of a trusting spirit of community is
> central to the purpose of Schumacher College.
> There are opportunities for field trips to the sea coast or nearby Dartmoor,
> craft work, walks, private study and tutorials.  Evenings offer a variety of
> talks and informal meetings, possibly arising out of the day's work, or an
> opportunity for participants to give presentations based on their own life
> and work.
> For further details, please contact the administrator at Schumacher College
> (address, fax and email details below).
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> Schumacher College is an international centre for ecological studies which
> welcomes course participants from all over the world, from a wide range of
> ages and backgrounds.
> For further details of Schumacher College and its courses, please contact:
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> Schumacher College
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> UK
> Tel: +44 (0)1803 865934
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> Schumacher College is a department of The Dartington Hall Trust, a
> registered educational charity.
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> We undertake not to sell or rent our mailing list to any other organisation.
> If you attend Schumacher College as a course participant, your contact
> details may, with your consent, be made available to past and future
> participants through our international alumni network. You will also receive
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> participants.
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