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Occidental College -- PLANED ACTION

[Please Circulate Throughout the World ] 
[to the supporters of the Burmese Cause]

Dear Supporters of the NLD of Burma:

Within the next few days, the Free Burma Student Coalition at Occidental
College will embark in several planned massive actions within the Occidental
College campus.  Why is this?

The President of Occidenal College, Dr. John Brooks Slaughter, is a member
of the Board of Directors for <n>ARCO Corporation -- the same corporation
which has been supporting the opressive regime within Burma and the
distribution of heroin within the USA.  Because of Dr. Slaughter's
association with ARCO and the association of other Occidental College
trustees with ARCO, I am almost certain that the college has a substantial
amount of investment within ARCO.  Because of this, the Free Burma Student
Coalition of Occidental College is demanding the following:

1) That the President of Occidental College, Dr. John Brooks Slaughter,
recognize how his corporation is aiding in the opression of the Burmese
people and that he use his position in pressuring the Board of the <n>ARCO
Corporation to pull out of Burma.

2) That Occidental College break any investment relationship with the ARCO
Corporation until ARCO pulls out of Burma.

We are asking for your full support and solidarity with our efforts in
helping free the Burmese people.  The next few days will be very critical in
our organizing, but the strenght and perserverance of our Burmese sisters
and brothers only gives us more strenght.  Many of us sometimes forget that
we can do this without getting shot and killed at the hands of a SLORC
officer.  We should do all we can knowing this fact.

Further information regarding the Free Burma Coalition at Occidental College
and it's efforts will be followed within the next fews days.  Keep posted.

Thank you.

With you in the struggle,

Ismael Chavez
FREE BURMA COALITION @ Occidental College

Ismael Chavez '99
Lynwood High School '95

1600 Campus Road, Box #192
Los Angeles, CA 90041

(213) 590-1815
Internet E-mail: chavezi@xxxxxxx
Home Page: http://www.oxy.edu/~chavezi/home.html

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