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NLD Statement 12/97

Unofficial translation
NO. (97/B), West Shwegondine Road
Bahan Township, Rangoon

1. On 5/11/97, it was arranged for youths from the Tamwe Township NLD
Office to be assigned duties and responsibilities. The Tamwe Township
NLD notified the local Law & Order Restoration Council (LORC) Office on
3/11/97 of the proposed arrangements. The authorities then used various
unlawful means to block, obstruct and prevent the meeting from taking
2. Moreover, the Tamwe Township LORC issued a letter [No. 027/1-1/Ma Wa
Ta (Ta Ma) on 4/11/97, stating:-
 ?It has been noted that the NLD has been extending its activities and
carrying out Youth Organisation in the townships.? 
 ?By so doing, the peace and tranquillity of the community and the
prevalence of Law & Order could be harmed. Further, it could also hinder
the social and economic development of the country. Therefore,
permission can not (not) be granted regarding the letter referring to
the gathering of persons in Tamwe Township.?
 How can a groundless accusation based on opinion, such as this be made
against a legitimate organisation going about its lawful business? This
is but an absolutely untrue and groundless accusation.
3. The NLD has stood as a legitimate organisation in accordance with the
laws of the registration of political parties and has carried out its
work in line with democratic principles for democracy and human rights.
The lawful work of a legitimate political party, carried out in a lawful
way can in no way harm the peace and tranquillity of the community. It
is also totally out of context to state that it hinders social and
economic development.
4. The authorities concerned also barred the (NLD) General Secretary,
who has been given the responsibility of carrying out Youth Organisation
work, from leaving her compound. Further, Vice Chairman U Tin Oo, who
came to the compound to make enquiries about the situation, was denied
entrance to her compound.
5. Some (50) NLD Youth members and NLD Women members were arrested and
taken away. They had entered the Tamwe Township NLD Office in accordance
with all the regulations stipulated by and with the permission of the
authorities concerned.
 This (a) although no meeting was held in the office, and 
  (b) clearly there was no defiance of orders as the office was occupied
with the permission of                                    
       the authorities [one line blurred]
6. These actions against a legitimate organisation?s lawful activities
in accordance with democratic principles carried out peacefully and
calmly is but an unlawful act of obstruction. It is a very inappropriate
action. It also greatly hampers national reconciliation. The NLD is a
political party which won a landslide victory with the support of the
mass of the people in the 1990 multi-party democratic elections.

Therefore, we declare that we roundly condemn the unlawful obstruction,
hindrance and limitation against the right of the NLD to carry out its
lawful activities.

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy
5 November 1997