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Subject: Malaysian tourists "discovering" Myanmar, says General

Saturday, November 8, 1997  Malaysian tourists 'discovering' Myanmar

JOHOR BARU: Malaysians are the fifth most numerous Asian tourists visiting
Myanmar, said Myanmar's Deputy Hotels and Tourism Minister Brigadier-General
Tin Aye. 

Up to March this year, Myanmar recorded about 180,000 tourist arrivals, up
40,000 over the corresponding period last year. 

He said the majority of tourists were from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the United
States and Europe. 

Tin Aye, who launched the Myanmar food promotion at the Puteri Pan Pacific
Hotel here on Thursday, said his ministry had come up with several
promotions aimed at attracting 500,000 tourists by the year 2000. 

He also said 63% of arrivals in Myanmar were tourist arrivals and 23% were

Tin Aye added that the country's tourism revenue as of March this year stood
at US$90mil and it was projected to reach US$250mil in three years with more
infrastructure facilities being built to boost its tourism industry. 

"As 51% of our country is covered by forests, we have been actively
promoting eco-tourism while cultural tourism is another big part of our

"Tourism in Myanmar has come a long way from just 42,000 tourists in 1987 to
180,000 up till March this year," he said, adding that there were 4,200
international class hotel rooms in Yangon and another 8,000 rooms throughout
the country, mostly budget hotels and motels. 

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