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Key insights into the narcotics tra

Brian Quig <quig@xxxxxxxx> wrote
>I am so outraged by the obvious narcotics corruption that I have
>directly witnessed that I have posted a web site http://www.dcia.com to
>warn and educate the people of this world despite what may happen to me
>as a result.
>My site concentrates upon what was described in Thailand "as the most
>heinous crime in 2,500 years of Buddhism".  More heinous than the 9
>murders is the official processing of this crime.  Teenagers known to
>innocent were convicted while the actual assassins were left to kill
>In the JOURNAL section http://www.dcia.com/mission.html of this site I
>clearly impeach the moral integrity of each and every one of the
>judicial and law enforcement officials connected with the intentional
>framing of a Thai teenager and his two friends for the 1991 murders of 9
>My site also presents in scientific detail the monolithic nature of mass
>media censorship in the UNITED STATES.
>Please disseminate this information as widely as possible.
>Let us hope that together with the grace of God we can inform enough
>people to end this disgrace.

Information Committee
Burma Youth Volunteer Association - Japan