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News from Indo-burma border (r)

About 3,000 Indian political party members and Burmese democracy activists
staged Satyagraha from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Moreh on 4-10-97. Local
associations such as KSO, MADWA, HTC etc. also joined the event. KSO
proposed to replace barbwire fences along the borderline with brick walls,
so as to prevent the flow of illicit narcotics into India from Burma. HTC
proposed Indian government to check illegal timber trade that has been
going on, and to make necessary arrangements for the legal timber trade
that would be more profitable for India. It also urged the Indian
government to take necessary step for the revival of Morning Bazaar, which
has gone defunct since SLORC started opening a market on Burma side.
(SLORC ordered Burmese traders to suspend their business in Moreh and to
sell their goods at the newly opened market). MPs and MLAs of Manipur
State Governments also joined in the inspection tour to the market place
and outlying villages. This is the first warning shot to the SLORC, said
the president of KSO. All the Satyagrahies marched to No.1 border gate and
shouted the slogans denouncing the Burmese military junta for its illicit
drug trafficking activities. After that, they marched towards No.2 gate
where they again staged another demonstration for 15 minutes. At about 3
p.m., they assembled in front of the Moreh police station and demanded the
authorities to curb the drug trade effectively. The demonstration was over
for the day at about 4 p.m.
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