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"Though these mistakes are not acce

>From :  Moe Long to soc.culture.burma

Radio Free Asia (Burma) Under U Soe Thin  and  recent broadcasting of the

As a pro-democracy Burmese student, I suspect that many SLORC people have
the radio programs in Burmese from America. 

We had an unpleasant experience with Myint Myint Zaw who collaborated with
by neglecting to broadcast DASSK's interview and broadcasting Khin Nyunt's
instead. She went to Burma, Khin Nyunt greeted with red carpet, and arranged
a special
airplane for her to travel to Pagan and Mandalay. Fortunately, that SLORC
mole was
quickly removed from VOA as many pro-democracy protested.

Now, RFA (Burma) is going along the same lines. People should understand that an
armed struggle is hard to manage in proper. There are no regular legal
process in
the jungle, people have different psycho-status as being pressured by jungle
and, most important of all, SLORC infiltration is everywhere. Under these
anything can happen. 

The execution by ABSDF is not acceptable. But, who is to blame. Any
can occur. Everybody who has been through the jungle life understands this.
these mistakes are not acceptable, they should not be magnified by putting
on the
airwaves. Airwaves go everywhere. And, any broadcasting like this is
to SLORC. 

I am asking who is perfect. I am wondering if RFA (Burma) under U Soe Thin might
want to broadcast all the gossips regarding such important political
as NCGUB, CRDB, DBSO, and so on. Since nobody is perfect, things sometimes
can go
wrong. But, what RFA (Burma) should consider is national interest. 

We really doubt that U Soe Thin is behind this smear campaign. We never
trust him
based on his background. My Burmese friends here in Canada, who have been living
for 20 years, told me that he was a prominent official from BSPP (Ma-Sa-La)
before 1988. He is highly snobbish and really oppressive to the Burmese in
He was never willing to help the Burmese if they want to apply new passports
And, he has a lot of connections with Ma-Sa- La military officers. And, he still
keeps in touch with SLORC military officers who are his old friends. Friends
DC told us that his activities are highly suspicious, and they are afraid
that some
information are being leaked to SLORC.

And, this incident has happened. Obviously, he is behind this smear campaign.

We have to take action to safeguard our democracy movement from SLORC

U Soe Thin is just another SLORC mole in Washing D.C.

Taw-Kyaung-Ther and friends
Toronto, Canada

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