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French Jap Embassy/Burmese activist

Rt. Hon. Ambassador MATSUURA
Ambassade du Japon
7 ave Hoche 
75008 Paris 		October 16, 1997

N. tel 01 48 88 62 00
N. fax 01 42 67 47 35
Concerning URGENT CALL TO STOP REPATRIATION of Burmese citizen, refugee
in exile in Japan at risk of life danger

This message is communicated by Euro-Burmanet, Paris

Distinguished Ambassador,

In view of your concern for human rights and the honorable image of
Japan, we call upon your good offices to communicate immediately the
outrage and concern among the large community in France dedicated to
freedom and democracy in Burma under the leadership of Nobel Prize
Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in regards to the actual tragic situation
of  Ko Mya Wai, a democracy activist Japan actually about to repatriate.

We call upon your good office to intervene with the Japanese authorities
urging them NOT to deport him. 

The following URGENT communique is enclosed for your information.

 On behalf of (Joint Action Committee-Japan, we thank you for your
support in this critical hour.

Dawn Star
EuroBurmanet (Paris)

cc. FIDH -Paris, Federation Internationale des Ligues des Droits de

Mr Mya Wai, a Burmese (Myanmarese) living in
> Japan, requested a provisional release,subsequently denied on 17
> September 1997. Mr Mya Wai has been arrested and tortured several times by
> the military junta in his home country Burma (Myanmar), solely because he
> was taking part in pro-democracy activities. It would be extremely dangerous for Mr Mya Wai if he should be deported to
> Burma (Myanmar). 

Please reconsider Mr Mya Wai's request for provisional  release and
contact the Tokyo Immigration Bureau authorities NOT to deport Mr. Mya

> Tokyo Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice
> 3-2-21 Nishigaoka, Kita-ku
> Tokyo 115 JAPAN