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Burmese leader talks of "Reconcilia


          The leader of Burma's military government, Than Shwe, is 
	  reported to have
          spoken of the need for reconciliation with the country's 
	  various armed
          opposition groups.

          His comments are said to have come during talks in Rangoon with 
          Fidel Ramos of the Philippines, who's on a two-day visit.

          An official Philippine statement quotes the Burmese leader as 
	  saying that Burma
          could NOT progress without peace and stability.

          But the statement said Than Swe did NOT specify which 
	  opposition groups he
          was trying to reach peace agreements with.

          The two leaders are also said to have discussed expanding 
	  bilteral ties, including
          the provision of training for 60 Burmese nationals.

          President Ramos is the first ASEAN leader to visit Burma since 
          it joined the
          Southeast Asia grouping in July. 

	[ABC News, 16 October 1997]

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