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The Position of "Burmese Association in Japan (BAIJ)"

29, 1997

On September 11, 1988, Burmese Association in Japan, BAIJ, was born: the
birth place, 
being at the memorial stone pillar, which is the commemoration of General
Aung San and 
General Suzuki (Bo Mo Gyo): it is situated at Kanzanji in Hamamatsu City,
prefecture in Japan. This Year 1997-98 is the year of 10th anniversary of BAIJ.

>From the very beginning of foundation year 1988, BAIJ had been unresting
with the 
activities of democracy movements with might and main, for the future of our
and people, thus BAIJ was amazingly successful symbol of democracy movements
in Japan 

In the year of 1994-95, BAIJ had changed its position from "confrontation" to 
"unconditional dialogue and negotiation". In the year of 1996-97, BAIJ
resolved and 
emphasized to follow the path of welfare of Burmese nationalities in Japan
in their 
daily-life-difficulties which are the greatest problems they have to face daily 

In this year 1997-98, We, BAIJ resolved again with emphasis to take upon
ourselves to 
the tasks of looking after the daily-difficulties of Burmese nationalities
in Japan in 
the daily field of health, security, education, and social welfare. This
resolution and 
position of BAIJ was confirmed again by the 9th annual meeting of BAIJ on
September 28, 

We, BAIJ, request to the cooperation of Japanese people while BAIJ are going
to work 
for the welfare of Burmese nationalities in Japan. We also request to all
the Burmese 
nationalities to help us while we are trying to implement our aim to be
successful in 
every corner.

with best regard,

Mya Mya Win          Maung Pan Hmawy          Zaw Win           Aung Htay
(President)          (Vice-president)       (Secretary)      (Joint- secretary)

BAIJ's Address : 557-27, Sanada, Hiratsuka shi,
                 Kanagawa ken, 259-12,  Japan
                 Tel / Fax  (+81)-463-59-8249

Dr. Mya Mya Win           : Tel.  (+81)-557-53-1305
Poet Maung Pan Hmawy      : Tel.  (+81)-80-688-4605
U Aung Htay               : Tel.  (+81)-20-777-8909
U Zaw Win                 : Tel.  (+81)-48-666-8879