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Interview with legally formed NLD(L (r)

Dear Thawma,

" LEGALLY FORMED NLD(LA)" means ......
1. The NLD(LA) (Head Office) has approved  of NLD(LA) Support Group being 
formed in Australia.
2. When Dr Sein Win  was last in Australia, he discouraged NLD(LA) Australia 
(Not  a support group) being formed in Australia. 
3. Under Australian law, a foreign political party cannot be set up. There is 
no objection in setting up support groups or "FRIENDS".
4. As far as I know, the only legal NLD(LA) set up is in Japan. Apart from  
Japan, We understand that NLD(LA)(Head office) has not approved of any other 
NLD(LA) being set up in Australia or an any other part of the World.

Please contact NLD(LA) (Head Office) direct to confirm any of the above.
We support setting up the NLD(LA) Support Group in Australia or any other part 
of the World  which will genuinely help and support the progress toward 
Democracy in Burma. 
Radio Free Burma 	<http://users.imagiware.com/wtongue>
(The first agitating successful Democratic Burmese Program on the Internet.)

Sent:  Wednesday, 15 October 1997 1:25
To:  Recipients of burmanet-l
Subject:  Interview with legally formed NLD(LA) Support Group in     Australia

Dear RFB,
(1)I would like to listen what you brocasted on air but i have no own PC and 
no chance to use real audio.
(2)I've found nothing under the subject which you put on top. It is always 
like that.
(3)What do you mean "LEGALLY FORMED NLD(LA)", could you explain me?
I think you need to find the way to help people like me.