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Interview with legally formed NLD(L

Dear RFB,

(1)I would like to listen what you brocasted on air but i have no own PC 
and no chance to use real audio.
(2)I've found nothing under the subject which you put on top. It is 
always like that.
(3)What do you mean "LEGALLY FORMED NLD(LA)", could you explain me?

I think you need to find the way to help people like me.



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>The first agitating successful Democratic Burmese Program on the 
>Dear friends,
>Radio Free Burma is independent of any political, social or welfare 
>organisation  in Australia or Oversea.The program is solely for the  
>of  it's  listeners in Australia and Oversea.
>The 28th September  97 program of the  Radio Free Burma  originally on 
>in  Australia, is now available for real-time playback via Real Audio 
>Burma Song at <http://users.imagiware.com/wtongue> This is a 
>program featuring Burma news, U Thaung's article, views and music of  
>presented  by Burmese now living in Australia. It will be  appreciated  
>suggestion  about program, Please sends  E-mail  to (ausgeo@xxxxxxx ).  
>thanks to Mr Wrightson Tongue ,Burma Net and all listeners.
>Radio Free Burma 	<http://users.imagiware.com/wtongue>

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