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The final status regarding second a

The final status regarding second attempt of SLORC and KNPP to meet

Central committee meeting of KNPP was held on October 10,1997 and they made
decisions as follows.
KNPP representatives are not going to Rangoon to discuss matters relating to
If they do want to make conference, it must be held in a neighboring country
and the results obtained from it must be declared officially.  

The SLORC need to accept and agree the demands of KNPP from previous meeting
which include 16 facts.
It will not be possible to make agreements unofficially as in previous
meeting and it must be done according to law with signing of deed of agreement.

KNPP will respond by talks to the talks of SLORC.

The above were the decisions made, it was learnt. In response to these
decisions U Khon Mya, leader of the SLORC delegation replied that there
would not be emergence of peace conference. The authorized persons from KNPP
told that U Khon Mya was merely a representative of SLORC and he was
responsible to talk to us whatever the SLORC asked him to do. Then he had to
inform to SLORC about what we talked to him, it was learnt.


Burmese Version

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