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Aba U Thaung and all

Dear Aba U Thaung and all,
	I knew that I will be asked to stop expressing my concerns.  I
occasionally write to Okkar, SLORC?s group with my name.   One thing
amazing I found out that Okkar hasn?t asked me to stop fighting with them
on e-mail though my tone is very critical to them.  In this occasion,
though they are enemy of mine and enemy of the majority of the people of
Burma, I amazingly respect for their polite responses.   That doesn?t
mean that I like them, I like SLORC and I will work with them.  As a
matter of fact, I bitterly hate them and I will never be their part.  I
know that they are quite pretentious and they will never allow anyone to
against them under their control.  I just feel amazed by the different
responses between SLORC and some of the pro-democracy activists.   I know
SLORC will never be civilized but at least their group working in America
(I think) have responded in democratic way though their explanation and
reasons have never been logical.   On the other hand, some pro-democracy
activists responded in SLORC and BSPP?s internal restrictive ways.   I
can understand because we have been raised under those regimes.  What I
don?t understand is why we can?t realize yet that we have those
behaviours to be removed from our soul.  I really want those behaviours
to be removed and replaced with democratic acts.  More amazingly,  only a
few people (as far as I remember Ko Shar Aung from India, Ko Shwe Bama
and other a couple or two) asked Okkar to stop posting. Some democracy
activists asked me to stop sending but those all who wrote me to stop,
haven?t asked Okkar to stop sending.  I don?t want them to ask Okkar to
stop too. I am just saying it as an amazing different treaties by our
	In my messages, I pointed out the groups on the border because of
my willingness to see their effective, potential and productive power.  I
have to confess that I am very close with them and I can see and hear
almost all.  That is also a main reason, I don?t want to use my real
name.   Security is also my concern but I will never ever send facts I
can?t confirm and I am always ready to prove those facts if asked.  
Winston Lee and Ko Aung Kyaw, a representative of ABSDF in USA (it is not
his real name either) said that I didn?t write with my name.  They forgot
that they can never tell their names in this situation and they never
told their name when they were in Burma.   Except once on NCGUB, I
haven?t criticize anyone but I gave the comparisons and facts to think
about.  I found out that many activists can?t stand those and they are
not quite ready for the change yet.  
	Though they argued, they really didn?t read my messages
thoroughly and didn?t think what I suggested. After they read the news
about the groups on the border, their brain stopped working and it
functioned only to response.  We are lacking listening skills.  I myself
too.  I suggested those organizations to mend their weakness.  Never
mind, they never listen from anyone as usual.  I can?t imagine what will
happen within next 2 years.  I wrote those suggestion because seeing what
have been happening in reality makes me painful and realize that I can?t
go back to Burma and understand that our goal is still far away.  If I
can go back to Burma, I don?t want to live under any dictator any more. 
If possible, I want to go back to Burma as fast as I could.
	Ko Aung Kyaw (it is just a pen name too) from ABSDF replied me
and I read his message and reread his old messages.  No message is
related to previous messages except one thing that is "stop".   I think
that is the main thing they want.  I wonder what democracy means to us
and what we think democracy is.
	If I want attention, I will write with my real name.  I hate to
get intention and I don?t have any plan to take role in future politics. 
I am an ordinary man in my real life and I like it and I will enjoy my
simple life.  Sending these things to get intention is nonsense.  They
may think as they believe.  Nyein Chan will never come out to the public
life and they will know one day.
	Thank you so much for your support, Aba U Thaung.  No matter what
they accused, replied, and reacted, I am happy because at least they
think how to respond. 
I know one more thing is that those who really wants to see a change and
those who complain about the situation, are in fact so quiet in public
and they don?t bring up their point of view and they are afraid of being
accused or having bad relationship.  Only thing I can hope is they might
really see the real situation before too late.
Thank you so much for your stand and I will always be thankful to you.  
Nyein Chan