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get a life

Dear Maung/Ma/U/Daw/Ko/Mr./Mrs./Ms/ Mssr./Madame Nyein Chan:

"Friendly manner of criticism is much more effective and acceptable 
rather than posting your criticism on the net or which ever way in 
public -leading to provoke negative result- if those of who really wants 
to see inporvement in those organiztions."  --Aung Kyaw

I think Ko Aung Kyaw has a point when he responded your verbal "criticisms" of anything that moves.

If you want to play this self-appointed critic or gadfly against those who are involved in the movement for democracy in Burma, you have the right to do so.

As the owner of the Free-Burma list, I however, request that you respect my right to ask you to stop sending your crappy emails to the following address:


Advance thanks.