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Hi Ko Nyein chan,

I do have to repeat what you have done is black mail.
You have to say who you are especially when you like to express your 
opinion criticising a political organization. But you dare not say that. 
I still have to reiterate your misleading information. 
You said that surrender of 200 students in Southern camp and that Moe 
Thee Zon wants to stay as ABSDF and Naing Aung wants to form political. 
And you just explain "I heard from reliable the border source." It is a 
cheap way to attack a political organization. It is true that number of 
students are leaving border to Bangkok and left to third countries. Yes, 
those of who will continue their struggle in different forms and support 
the ABSDF.

I let you know that I'm a representative of ABSDF but not alone. There 
are many of students representing the ABSDF as a mother organization and 
supporting for its existence. I am not a blind partisan of ABSDF but I 
support the ABSDF because of their commitment, endurance and 
unwillingness to capitulate. Please do not denigrate those spirit.

Those of who really avid to raise contructive criticism, I like to 
suggest that please bring your critical suggesstion directly to the 
particular organization struggling for democracy and point out their 
weak point. 
Friendly manner of criticism is much more effective and acceptable 
rather than posting your criticism on the net or which ever way in 
public -leading to provoke negative result- if those of who really wants 
to see inporvement in those organiztions. 

Aung Kyaw

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>Hi Ko Aung Kyaw,
>                Well, I have to say that I didn't send misleading 
>information.  You can confirm that informations easily.  In UNHCR, you 
>can find out how many people actually applies from ABSDF within thsoe 
>three months and I didn't included the numbers who pretended as ABSDF.  
>Moreover, I got the number of surrender from my border source and it is 
>very reliable.  I still have ABSDF camps' locations and their numbers  
>but I haven't wanted to post it on the net.  I can do anytime though.  
>You must know that real number and (what we call on the border) the 
>proposal number are quite different you can easily confirm from NGOs 
>              You just said "misleading information".  Why don't or 
>can't you say that those are wrong.  As far as I know you are working 
>ABSDF representative for USA but why can't you tell?  It is ridiculous 
>to say misleading information without any explaination.  If we point 
>something, you and the group say misleading or spy information.  We 
>can't see any reply from ABSDF.  I know ABSDF has many access to the 
>               It is great that some people on the border are trying to 
>change but as you sound without the acceptance to criticism by the 
>leaders, their voice will hardly appear.  As you confess, the rough 
>situation never let us attempt for change.  You can say here but you 
>can't say in ABSDF camps since your death is near you.
>              What is black mail though?  We are sending directly on 
>net and we are not threatening ABSDF and others to do what we want but 
>we convince them to think themselves.  Is that black mail.  If so, no 
>one should criticize ABSDF and others and no one should point them out. 
>If someone does, it will become blackmail and he will become spy by 
>ABSDF means.  That is not accepting criticism and that sounds like 
>authoritarian rule though.  
>               I respect for your blind support for ABSDF.  I still 
>support all people on the border who are trying hard to change the 
>situation.  Since we have spent so much energy to change such situation 
>for the whole time, we can hardly focus potential consideration on 
>and we all can use less energy to the enemy.  As you hesitately say, 
>the situation become rough and more difficult.  You know what you are 
>              I am just wondering why ABSDF is very quiet about those 
>issues itself.  ABSDF is very welcome if it wants to discuss about 
>matters.   We are practicising our freedom of rights and the most 
>importantly why we do is we eagerly want to see ABSDF and all groups on 
>the border to be effective more and more.  
>                You must accept that the reality is reality and please 
>don't try to hide and cover it by  blocking the revelation of 
>We hope ABSDF and all its members think what went wrong.  I am sure 
>no one on the border except the leaders who have access to the net can 
>know what we are arguing.  We will find the way to let them know.   
>ABSDF communicate well to its members?   I remember some students in 
>front line didn't know the split of ABSDF till they got back to camps 
>(every force has radio communication in the front line but the 
>information never went through).   Hope that ABSDF and all can practice 
>democratic/open exercises.
>Nyein Chan  
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