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Opium Drug &Forest Traffick

re the following, perhaps 'myanmar delegation' will contact Turkey drug
traffickers. OGD, Paris, says most European heroin coming now through
Turkey. ds

ps, re Forests, yesterday French Television aired excellent documentary
on  destruction of Malaysian Sawark forests, and failure of indians to
stop cutters from mainlining woods and stripping 7 square km per day.
French Libe newspaper reported that the WWF, states that in the last
8000 years mankind has stripped planet earth from 8 billion to 3 billion
hectares; now in Asia, 88% of original forests have been destroyed, and
ata this pace, all will be destroyed within 50 years... 
for more on rainforest info, there is alot on the ecology section of the
UVI/Euroburmanet site 
just click on the rotating blue sphere
          Minister Leaves to Attend 11th World Forestry Conference
>                 Myanmar delegation led by Minister for Forestry Lt-Gen Chit Swe left Yangon
> by air for Turkey on 9 October to attend the 11th World Forestry Conference
> to be held there from 13 to 22 October.