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Support for Nyein Chan, U Thaung et

My Dear People,

You should all be extremely understanding and sympathetic to our 
friends, who have been so traumatised by three decades of military 
dictatorship that they do not know the difference between constructive 
criticism and lashing out (just like my government does not know the 
difference between constructive engagement and an excuse for helping the 
Slorc - oops!).

Free speech is free speech. If they wish to be rude and go on 
disregarding our desire to reduce negative rubbish on the Burmanet, so 
be it. All we have to do is delete any postings they may send before 
opening the message. That way, we save ourselves irritation and they 
have the satisfaction of maintaining their cheap, oops, free speech.

I see another ringgit dropping....gotta go!


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