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Hanuman writes

>From "Hanuman" via altsean
On Khin Nyunt's visit to Singapore (A radically alternative view)

The Burmese (Myanmar) minion's visit was hailed as an important step in
cementing the relationship (a sort of male-bonding sodomy show in the media)
between the two ASEAN allies - a capitalistic prostitute and a bloodsucking
dictator. Anyway, Singaporeans do not care as they do not know what's happening
in Burma. You should be aware that our media is an excellent mouthpiece for
perpetuating the culture of silence. Even when I tried to awaken the dead
senses and conscience of people whom I know with facts about the atrocities
committed in Burma and the compliance of ASEAN countries, I sounded alien to
them. To have a political consciousness in Singapore is only when you cross on
the ballot paper with a registration no. during the election.
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