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mental masturbation

U Nyein Chan,

As a recent participant in the movement to free Burma, it was imperative
for me to come to the defence of Ko Zar Ni.

I've been quietly reading all the email battles happening and now I just
usually end up deleting these mails.  Engaging in such actions do not help
at all with the movement to free Burma, but just creates an atmosphere of
ego battles and "mental masturbation".

I absolutely support Ko Zar Ni's decision to hinder these pestering emails
in reaching the FBC list server.  Quite frankly, I don't want to read
solution-less emails that have no point but inflating the ego's of persons
hoping to gain recognition by them.  No recognition nor respect will there
be for this nonsense.  

Let's hear solutions and answers, not criticism of the brothers and sisters
involved in the movement.  Those involved in the movement MOVE...they don't

fellow burmese,

    \\\/   _    _   \/// 
     \\  -|_|--|_|- //
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     Ali Ahmed
     (562) 869-9681