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Who Really Killed General Aung San

September 26,1997
Who Really Killed General  Aung San And His Cabinet Members ?

	One of the prescribed textbooks in our 7th,Grade , "Little Birds Behind
Bars" by Lu Du U Hla contain the story about the assassination of  Gen. Aung
San with the attempt on the life of U Saw.
	Since then I was thinking all along why, as a people,Burmese masses  cannot
prevent the death of our hero Gen.Aung San, and this has been  felt as  deep
frustrations of Burmese people especially on Martyr's  days ( 19th. July.)
	The story unfolded and opened my eyes wide with disbelief in the
beginning, but upon closer scrutiny found to be true- that was when I
became close friends with Yebaw Mya Hlaing ! I shall relate for all
humankind  to know.
	I was treating Yebaw Mya Hlaing as his family physician since 1988,  and as
a trusted friend he told me about his involvement in the selfish  traitors
General Ne Win and Aung Gyi's subvesive plot . The cunning  plan was to kill
Aung San by a deceiful approach- since U Saw was  Aung San's adversary, try
and attempt on U Saw's life, just to injure but not to kill him, and he ( U
Saw ) will definitely retaliate by  assassinating  Aung San.
	At this juncture, the two trusted deputies ( Yan Gon Ba Swe &  Ye Baw Mya
Hlaing ) of Ne Win and Aung Gyi came into the picture  -Ba Swe was an expert
sharpshooter and he ( Mya Hlaing )  followed orders precisely. Then, one day
they followed U Saw's car  wearing the uniforms  of Aung San's personal
troops and  shot to  injure U Saw. That was the beginning of their
successful plot.
	Of course Gen. Aung San and his cabinet members were killed by  U Saw's
gunmen ? but to make that happen was due to Ne Win &  Aung Gyi's  traitors
	I could not publishe the booklet on this story before Mya Hlaing's  death ;
he will surely be tortured and killed by Ne Win's stooges ?  the SLORC !
	1.Ne Win plotted the assassination of Gen. Aung San who was his rival.
Ne Win knew the ability of U saw, and what he would do if provoked,and
planned his traitorous plot and succeeded. [ I am absolutelyflabbergasted up
to the present day about Ne Win's cunningcalculation  to assassination Gen.
Aung San.]
	2. Ne Win ordered Yangon Ba Swe &  Mya Hlaing to "make sure not to kill but
only to injure U Saw."Expert shooter Ba Swe's bullet only grazed  the left
temple of U saw ( He went to India for treatment.)Whenever U Saw felt the
pain over his face or scar his tantrums boiled  and wanted to take revenge
against Gen.Aung San, who knew nothing about the plot orchestrated by the
cunning Ne Win.
	3. It was later found out that the gun used to kill U Saw belonged to Ne Win.
	4. U Mya Hlaing dare not to tell to anyone in Burma, as he would surely  be
tortured and killed by Ne Win's stooges, particularly by the secret
	police chief Khin Nyunt.
	5. Yangon Ba Swe and Mya Hlaing later regretted immensely about this plot
resulting in Gen. Aung San's death; they eventually refuse to  take Ne Win's
offering of good jobs.
	6. I used to read with contempt the speeches of idiot Gen. Saw Maung and
articles ( Working Peoples' Daily, March 12,13,14,&15 ;1993 ) by stupid
"Nyan Tet" claiming the British was behind the assassination of Gen. Aung
San.( It is true, U Saw the obtained  gunsfrom British army )
	7. I wrote an "open letter" to Gen. Aung Gyi last year in the voice of
Burma about this plot of his involment in murdering Gen. Aung San. Both Aung
Gyi and Ne Win are suffering from delusions of persecution, insecurity and
fear, but they certainly remember very well of  what they have committed in
1947 ( i.e the year Gen. Aung San  and his cabinet members were murdered )
	8. We, the democracy loving people , know that for their karma in torturing
destruction of the whole Country of Burma, Ne Win and his dirt cheap stooges
the SLORC very soon will go to hell !
	9. Soon I will publish a book in Burmese a more detailed description about
assassination of Gen. Aung San and his Cabinet Members.
	 Naing Win / Kyin Ho, M.D.