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Imphal, Oct. 4.

Myanmar has sealed of its border with India as a retaliation for the
agitation launched by the Samata Party president, Mr. George Fernandes,
and others at the border town of Moreh in Manipur, official reports

Mr Fernandes has plans to make human chains along the border to check
drug trafficking. However, from the very beginning he had been facing
rough weather. Some political parties had criticised him saying that
such actions were not answer to the problem.

Beside, the residents of Moreh town objected to the agitation plan,
pointing out that while they had no objection to the campaign against
drug, it should not affect the legitimate trade between India and

Since a violent confrontation was very much in the offing between the
workers of the Samata Party and the residents of the Moreh town, senior
civil and police officials had rushed to Moreh. An agreement had been
reached between Mr Fernades and the public leaders of Moreh with the
result that the SP would be launching a simple agitation but would
desist from making human chains.

As the Myanmar government does not want to take any risk, it had sealed
off the border disallowing the movement of people.

Mr. Fernades plans to stay at Moreh for a week during which several
members of his party will becoming to Manipur. Top ranking officials
said that the Tamu-Moreh-Imphal rout e was not the only one used by the
drug traffickers. The Tiddim-Churachandpur-Imphal route was more
frequently used. It is also said that the route touching Mizoram is the
most important one.

Since some officials and politicians are suspected to be involved in
this thriving multi-million business, the seizure of the drugs has been
negligible. One police sub-inspector and five constables, who form the
anti-narcotics cell, are expected to patrol the entire State and smoke
out drug traffickers. On late, the insurgents have started beating up
and shooting the drug addicts in the legs while the drug traffickers are
shot in the head. Manipur which had become the conduit of drug
trafficking has the highest number of AIDS PATIENTS. The Central
Government had announced that based on reports furnished by the NGOs,
500,000 persons will die in Manipur due to AIDS by the end of 2000. This
is out of a population less than 20lakhs.