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Tourism Flash: France's Mighty Ecol

Subject: Tourism Flash: France's Mighty Ecole Polytechnique Alumni Voyage: Burma

Dear Free Burma activists and friends,

France never ceases to surprise. Known for their quasi-indifference when
it comes time to act against the crimes of repression in Burma, one of
France's most elite state schools, a veritable national institution of
power, status, prestige and certain success among its gradutates, the
Ecole Polytechnique, offers to its alumni in November a trip for ten
days in Burma. I will be pursuing this story as I just found out

This is the one of the highest ranking education institutions in the
country, where elite state schools prepare the nation's future corporate
leaders and functionaries of the French state-centralized economy. While
democratic in its fairness to applicants, it is exrtremely competitive
to enter, taking only the most qualified students with the highest
examination results and performance records.

This is only another example of the French indifference to the
International Tourist Boycott and flies in the face of appeals by Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi to tourists NOT to visit Burma at this time, and why we
need to intensify efforts for a Tourist Boycott here in France, in
solidarity with the Burma Action Group in the UK, Switzerland, and their
supporters in other European countries

Those wishing to pursue it themselves, may contact the organisers of the
travel package : 

Association pour les anciens eleves (gradutates) 
de l'Ecole Polytechnique

tel (33 1) 45 48 52 04
fax (33 1) 45 48 64 50

Check out the Tourist Boycott section in Euro-Burmanet for updates on
the Tourism Campaign. 

Dawn Star
Euro-Burmanet (Paris)