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Fwd: 4 Hurt in Shooting in Burma

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>Subj:	4 Hurt in Shooting in Burma
>Date:	97-01-23 15:33:22 EST
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<HTML><PRE><I>.c The Associated Press</I></PRE></HTML>
      RANGOON, Burma (AP) -- Ethnic insurgents sprayed gunfire at two
cars carrying pilgrims to a Buddhist temple in eastern Burma,
wounding four people, the military government reported Tuesday.
      Sunday's attack by the Karen National Union wounded three men
and an elderly woman, the government said in a statement.
      The report comes five days after the Karens and 15 other
insurgent groups urged the ruling State Law and Order Restoration
Council to open talks with them and pro-democracy leader Aung San
Suu Kyi, winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize.
      The government has accused the KNU and student insurgents of
bombing a Rangoon pagoda compound Christmas Day, killing five
people and wounding 17.
      The group says the government staged the bombing to justify a
crackdown on dissent.
      AP-NY-01-21-97 1232EST
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