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INVITATION - Please attend


DATE:     February 1~4, 1997
WHERE: American University, Washington, D.C.


Please attend the various speeches, seminars, and movies to learn and educate
the world about the treacherous human rights abuses of the people ,
ethnicities, and religions of Burma by the illegal non-elected State Law and
Order government called the S.L.O.R.C.  

Learn also about:

>Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize Winner  and the leader of the National
League for Democracy (NLD) whose members were elected by over 80% of the
people.  The Prime Minister lives in exile in the Washington, D.C. area
>Why are the Burmese boycotting the companies Unocal, Total, Pepsico, and
other companies involved in Burma and why those companies refuse  to leave.
>Why we should NOT visit Burma during their Visit Myanmar year.
>About 50% of America's HEROINE products come out of Burma.  Some of the
money goes directly to the military government.
>The slaughter of over 3,000 students, women, monks, and children in 1988 by
the military government.
>Arrests of thousands of people without trial.
>Torture and rape of those imprisoned.
>Forced / Slave labor to build roadways. Some of those same people are also
forced to pay money when they work.
>The military coerses and steals food and valuables from villages.
>Forced relocation for the roadways and the Unocal/Total Gas Pipeline in the
Yadana area.
>The gas from the pipeline will be sold to Thailand at UNDER MARKET PRICES.
>Killing and coercion of Christian and Muslim minority groups.
>About 50% of Burma's G.D.P. is spent on arms from China, Singapore, and old
supplies from Germany.

>Meet Zar Ni, he created the Free Burma Coalition and many protests through
the internet at colleges though-out the U.S. and the World.
>Meet a representative of the Free Burma movement in Paris, France.
>And many other areas.


Tim Sermak - Press Coordinator/ Contact   TEL:202-885-8416
email: ts5008a@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jeremy Woodrum - Main Coordinator  TEL:202-885-8076
email: jw1970a@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Philip F. McCracken, III - Free Burma Coalition TEL: 301-649-1776
Friend of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
   and the Democratic Burmese Student Organization
email: BurmaJapan@xxxxxxx

Zarni -  Free Burma Coalition
email: zni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Free Burma Coalition

University of Wisconsin
225 North Mills Street,
Madison, WI 53706
Tel: (608)-827-7734
Fax: (608)-263-9992