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Burma Friends and fellow F.B.C. peo

Subject: Burma Friends and fellow F.B.C. people

Some of you know me working with the F.B.C. ,the NCGUB, and other Burma
groups. And at Washington, D.C. area demostrations.

If you need computer software, hardware, or internet help please contact me.

If you are worried about the pollution, Chlorine, Flourine, Pesticides, etc.
in your drinking and batheing water.  I have the solution.

I also have a GREAT opportunity for all of you.  If you are tired having just
a J.O.B. ?  (J.O.B.- Just Over Broke)  I want you all to learn about the
opportunity and natural products.  Arrange a time with me and simply check it

Philip - (301)649-1776