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DBSO regrets Malaysia's decision

Democratic Burmese Students Organization's(USA) statement regarding
Malaysia's decision to admit SLORC into ASEAN

January 8,1997

Democratic Burmese Students Organization (USA) regrets to learn Malaysia's
confirmation that Malaysia would like Burma to be integrated into the
Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN)this year.

Burmese democratic leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and democratic forces around
the world has repeatedly appealed ASEAN member countries to reconsider
ASEAN's decision to admit Burmese military regime, State Law and Order
Restoration Council (SLORC)into ASEAN. It is very regrettable that ASEAN
disregards the will of ordinary Burmese people and satisfies a hand full of
Burmese Generals's wishes. It is a well known fact that SLORC does not
represent Burmese people.

Oppression in Burma is escalating. Burmese generals who give a sanctuary to
drug warlords,are on the other hand ready crash student demonstrators using
tanks and armor carriers. Universities have been shut down. Last month
hundreds of students and political activists were thrown into jails because
they asked for freedom and justice peacefully. Countries around the world
except ASEAN member countries have expressed grave concerns regarding the
situation and denounced SLORC's brutal crackdown on student demonstrators. 

DBSO wholeheartedly requests Malaysia to reconsider it's decision to admit
SLORC into ASEAN. DBSO will plan to hold demonstrations in front of the
Malaysia embassy in Washingtion D.C (USA) to express our deep regrets
regarding Malaysia's decision. DBSO calls upon the friends arround the world
to join hand with us. 


Down with the Military Dictatorship