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Albright Comments on Policy.

		Albright Comments on Policy 

     		Thursday, January 9, 1997 6:50 am EST 

           	Secretary of State-nominee Madeleine Albright's comments at 
		her confirmation hearing on foreign policy issues. 

             	--UNITED NATIONS: On the U.N. ... I think the important thing 
		to keep in mind is we created the U.N., and the U.N. is 
		important and good for the United States. It does need 
		reforming. That has been very much a part of my mission 
		in New York. And I think we've accomplished quite a lot, 
		but there's a lot more to be done. 

          	--HUMAN RIGHTS: If I am confirmed, I can assure you that 
		the United States will not hesitate to address frankly 
		the violation of internationally-recognized human rights, 
		whether those violations occur in Cuba or Afghanistan, Burma, 
		Belgrade, or Beijing. 

		[Associated Press, 9 January 1997].