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My reply to the SLORC.

In a message dated 97-01-06 23:50:15 EST, you write:
  So, how is Texas?   You make the same noise as the other SLORC.  You are
older than I am.  It was the Generals and the people who called the British
"Thakin".    By the way,  keep guessing, you'll never see the bullet coming.
 Go home and hide behind your guns.  Go home and be a stupid coward.  In the
US, you can't hide from us.   I know very much about the 3000 dead people.
 And you burned them, not buried.  I am your THAKIN.
You can't hurt me.  You can't find me.  ha ha

<< Subj:	Re: GO HOME SLORC....
Date:	97-01-06 23:50:15 EST
>From:	OKKAR66127
To:	Thakin

Are you a grave digger that you know 3000+.. Why you take the name Thakin. I
think you are calling the foreigners "Thakin" just to solve your daily bread
problem. Ha..Ha

OK >>