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Demonstration in Washington D.C (r)

Demonstration in Washington D.C
January 4,1997

Burmese students and patriots staged a demonstration in front of the Burmese
ambassador's residence where an Indenpendence Day dinner hosted by the
Burmese embassador was held. The demonstration was organized by the Committee
for Restoration for Democracy in Burma(CRDB), Democratic Burmese Students
Organization(DBSO) and Chin Youth Organization(CYO). U Bo Hla Tint, a
minister of the Burmese exiled government, National Coalition Government of
Union of Burma(NCGUB) gave a speech at the demonstration on behalf of NCGUB.
Representatives from CRDB,DBSO, CYO, other Burmese patriots and American
activists also gave speeches:

-denouncing SLORC's continued oppression in Burma

-condemning SLORC's latest ploy, the bombing incident which ended five
innocent lives, which is used as a cover to arrest student leaders and
political activists

-demanding the release of student leaders and all political prisoners

-call for SLORC to initiate a genuine tripartite dialogue among democracy
forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic groups

-call upon the international community to step up pressure on SLORC

Most of the diplomats who came to the dinner were mainly from African and
Asian countries. Dipolmats from European Union, United States, Australia and
Japan were not observed at the reception. Moreover, fewer people attended the
dinner compared to last year's reception.

Another interesting event noticed was, agents from the Secret Service and FBI
along with bomb sniffing dogs were seen posted in front of the building.
SLORC might have been thinking to commit a ploy like the one they did at the
Burmese embassy in Tokyo, Japan, where a bomb planted by a SLORC agent was

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Students Organization (USA). Anybody who woulk like to contact DBSO (USA),
please send an e-mail to above address.

-down with the military dictatorship