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Growth key to Burma democracy.

		Growth key to Burma democracy

	Malaysia believes Burma's military junta will speed up democratic 
reforms if other countries help boost its economy and living standards, 
the Malaysian Foreign Minister, Mr Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, said in remarks 
published yesterday.

	Democracy cound be difficult for a country when there was 
widespread poverty and unemployment, he said on his arrival in Rangoon 
late on Sunday on his first visit to Burma.

	"We believe that through ASEAN, we will be able to work with 
Myanmar (Burma) and expedite its economic growth," Mr Badawi was quoted 
as saying in The Star English-language daily newspaper.

	"We beleive in the 'propser the neighbour' policy, which helps 
the region as a whole," said Mr Badawi, who travelled to Burma after 
attending the Hanoi meeting of the Malaysia-Vieetnam Joint Commission.

[AFP, Kuala Lumpur, 22 October 1996].