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AP: Burma General Bashes Laureate

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                          Burma General Bashes Laureate

                          Saturday, October 19, 1996 11:38 am EDT

                          RANGOON, Burma (AP) -- A top general of
                          Burma's military regime says the Nobel
                          committee has tried to give credibility to
                          political dissidents by awarding the peace
                          prize to the ``puppets'' of Western nations.

                          Gen. Tin Oo, a senior member of the regime,
                          did not mention any particular peace
                          laureate, but his remarks Friday in a speech
                          marking Armed Forces Day clearly included
                          Burma's pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu

                          Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991
                          while she was under house arrest. Her party
                          won national elections in 1990 but the
                          regime never allowed parliament to convene.

                          Suu Kyi was released from house arrest last
                          year, but the government recently has
                          tightened its control of her activities. On
                          Saturday, troops continued to block roads to
                          her home, preventing her from holding a
                          regular party meeting for the fourth
                          straight weekend.

                          The 1996 Nobel Peace Prize went to two
                          critics of Indonesia's rule in East Timor,
                          Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Belo and exiled
                          resistance leader Jose Ramos-Horta.
                          Indonesia invaded the former Portuguese
                          colony in 1975.

                          ``The Nobel Peace Prize has been given to
                          those who are opposing the government,''
                          official media quoted Tin Oo as saying. ``It
                          has been used as a political instrument for
                          incitement and also to popularize their
                          puppets in the international arena.''

                          The prize was simply part of ``a
                          multi-dimensional war to dominate smaller
                          countries using political, economic,
                          diplomatic and psychological means,'' he

                          Burma, also known as Myanmar, has been under
                          military rule since 1962. Troops made a
                          bloody crackdown on 1988 pro-democracy
                          protests that had carried Suu Kyi, the
                          daughter of the country's independence hero,
                          Aung San, to prominence.

                              ? Copyright 1996 The Associated Press

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