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Press Briefing by the U.S. State De

Subject: Press Briefing by the U.S. State Dept. on May 24, 1996

Attn: Burma Newsreaders
Re: Press Briefing by the State Dept. on May 24, 1996


                    DAILY PRESS BRIEFING

                                               DPB #82
            FRIDAY, MAY 24, 1996, 1:08 P.M.

       MR. BURNS:  Welcome to the State Department briefing. 
I've got a couple of announcements to make.  

       First, I want to welcome graduate students from Wheaton
College in Illinois.  They are graduate students in
communications.  I believe you are seated here -- and here. 

       Second, I just wanted all of you to know, if you hadn't
seen it last night, we issued a couple of statements at the
very end of the day, not purposely but because the news
happened at the end of the day.

       First, I hope you have all seen a statement that we
issued on Burma, which is two things:  It is a travel
advisory to American citizens.  Because of the potential for
violence and because of the instability and the actions of
the government, we are recommending that Americans exercise
all due caution in travelling in Burma, and we recommend
that Americans consider curtailing non-essential travel to

       The remainder of the statement is a condemnation of the
actions of the Burmese Government.  There are further
developments on that today, and we can go into them.

----------- end.