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Press Release by the White House on

Subject: Press Release by the White House on May 25, 1996

May 25, 1996


            THE WHITE HOUSE

     Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                           May 25, 1996


     The United States is deeply concerned by reports that the 
military regime in Burma is detaining hundreds of members of the 
democratic movement.  We have urged the regime to release all  
detainees immediately and unconditionally, and not to interfere 
with the efforts of the National League for Democracy to meet at 
a conference in Rangoon on Sunday.

     We have continued to make our views known to the regime both 
in Washington and in Rangoon.  We have also urged U.S. citizens 
to reconsider non-essential travel.    

     We are gratified that a number of governments around the 
world have joined us in condemnation of the actions of the 
Burmese military regime.  The United States will continue to work 
with other members of the international community on this issue.  
We will seek to ensure that current developments are a topic of 
concern at G-7 meetings and upcoming regional consultations in 

     These issues were reviewed on Friday at a senior-level White 
House meeting, where a decision was made to dispatch an envoy to 
consult with European, Asian, and other friends and allies on a 
coordinated response to ongoing events.

     We again call on the authorities in Burma to engage in a 
meaningful political dialogue with the democratic opposition 
leaders and representatives of the ethnic minorities. 

# # #