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Asia Times Critique of BurmaNet -Re (r)

Subject: Re: Asia Times Critique of BurmaNet -Reply

 Some of those self-proclaimed "democratic activists" may have in their
 dictionaries  the word "democracy" synonymous with "my way or high way" .


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> Subject: Asia Times Critique of BurmaNet -Reply
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> Subject:  Re: Asia Times Critique of BurmaNet -Reply
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> Dear BurmaNet readers,
> This scandle-rag treachery confirms the need to find out who really is 
> "S. Brookes" is, unmask this rat, and trace where he comes from -not
> that  he's worth much but people will believe anything, and he has done
> enough  harm already.  He appears to be a hired gun, and ready not to
> stop at  any smear campaign he can get paid to hack; any press people
> who know  press people please track this rat down, who he worked for,
> where he  comes from, and what business he has in boosting the Slorc
> junta. This  cad really bends low! Please send any information. From
> previous posting,  he's apparently American, in his thirties, unknown
> track record, and some  six months with Asia Times. He's certainly
> starting at the bottom and  working his way into the gutter, or bribe
> money. Let it be said, this  kind of work is repeated by tourist agents paid
> to travel and  "beautify" wretched regimes. Tools for the trade.
> Dawn Star, Paris
> re post by Strider:  > It has come to our attention that the Asia Times
> published an editorial
> > attacking BurmaNet or the subscribers of reg.burma who wrote
> > unflattering things about Asia Times coverage of Burma.
> >  > The editorial appeared on May 6, 1996, and on the same day there
> was a
> > letter from Stephen Brookes, the reporter who wrote that Aung San
> Suu
> > Kyi had been sidelined.  Apparently, he also denounced BurmaNet.
> >  > We haven't seen the articles yet - we only heard about them.  If
> anyone
> > has access to them, could they please post the 2 articles.
> >  > Thank you.
> >  > BurmanNet Editor
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> could we please have a little less of this type of commentary?  Be adults.