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Burma DC Conference

mbeer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx :

Michael, agreed, there should be women among the speakers, 

My information which is passed on to Burma readers, It is being held by 
the Southeast Asia Department of Johns Hopkins SAIS, with the National
Democratic Institute (overseas arm of U.S. Democrat Party) and 
International Republican Institute (overseas arm of U.S. Republican 
Party) cooperating.

As for the Dean, Paul Wolfowitz, it remains unclear if he is  still on 
Total's political internatinoal advisory board, someone close to 
Wolfowitz says conversation "Wolfowitz was undecided on the issues
of sanctions".  

Wolfowitz is very close to the Dole campaign, so it would be most useful 
to impress your views to him, and his people.

Michael, of course Unocal, Pepsi hacks could fill out the ranks of 
attendees, typical Slorc tactic, please have someone check on this if 
possible. If it happens, Harn and others will stand firm. We all should 
support Harn there and the Burmese member panelists.

Dawn Star, Paris