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Time News Center: Jesse Jackson see

Subject: Time News Center: Jesse Jackson seeks Boycott Mitsubishi

Compuserve's Time New Center carried the following story which I would like
to share with you.
   CHICAGO (AP) -- Jesse Jackson is seeking a boycott of Mitsubishi autos
and the National Organization for Women is planning to picket dealerships
until the company settles a sexual harassment lawsuit. 
   Mitsubishi issued a statement Tuesday expressing regret over any lost
business for dealers and said it would "cooperate fully with the EEOC to
resolve this issue fairly and completely." 
   While NOW had not authorized a boycott, "We can't imagine any of the 50
percent of new car buyers who are women or the men who care about them to
buy a product of this kind of corporation," president Patricia Ireland
   The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a
class-action lawsuit accusing Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America --
a Normal, Ill., subsidiary of the Japanese automaker -- of permitting
sexual harassment of hundreds of women at its assembly plant. 
   Ireland and Jackson, the leader of the civil rights groups Operation
PUSH and the National Rainbow Coalition, spoke at a news conference after
meeting for one hour with EEOC officials in Chicago Tuesday. 
   The EEOC lawsuit accuses Mitsubishi of allowing widespread harassment of
female production workers, including obscene remarks, fondling and lewd
graffiti. The company denies that it tolerates sexual harassment. 
   Mitsubishi on April 22 bused more than 2,000 of its workers to Chicago
for a demonstration against the federal government, saying it would fight
the lawsuit. Since then, however, company officials have indicated that
they would like to settle the lawsuit.