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S:H.A.N. : SSNA - SSA merged !

S.H.A.N. : SSNA - SSA merged
11 February 1996

The meeting held in Hseng Kyau, Shan State from 5 January 1996 to 7 January 1996
was attended by Zao Kye Min, Zao Poo Mar, Zao Gan Na ( Mong Yorn ), Zao Gan Na (
KDA ), Zao Aung Mya, Zao Zai Lar, ( Zao Zai Yee was absent because of his
commanding position in the Southern Shan Shate ), from Shan State National Army
( SSNA ), Zao Loi Mao, Zao Pang Hpa, Zao Kai Hpa, Zao Zai Tu, Zao Hsai Mo, Zao
Ngo Harn, ( Zao Zai nong and Zao Ya Pee were absent as they were attending the
SLORC NC ), from Shan State Army ( SSA ).

The decision was made to merge the SSNA and SSA into one. It was also agreed and
decided that when the condition and time is ripe ( and if necessary ) to stand
up again as a Revolutionary organization and fight against the SLORC invader.It
is estimated that after the fusion of SSNA and SSA the strength will amount to

Further Conference held in Hseng Kyau again within the last week of January was
attended by the top line leaders of both organisations.

The outcome of the conference are as follows :
- to rename the fusion of SSNA - SSA into Shan State National Army ( SSNA )
- to reform the Shan State Progressive Party ( SSPP ).

Furthermore, the conference selected the 15 members Central Executive Committee
comprising 8 members from SSNA and 7 members from SSA, including Zao Zai Nong
who was named Chairman, Zao Pang Hpa ( vice Chairman ), Zao Kan Yord ( Secretary
General ), zao Loi Mao ( assistant Secretary General and Chief of Staff ), Zao
Zai Yee ( 2nd Chief of Staff ).
It was also decided that financial and rations will also be merged into one.

It was learned that the decision of the conference will be publicized in the
near future.