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" Doing Business with Myanmar!!! " (r)

Subject: Re: " Doing Business with Myanmar!!! "

P.S. to above subject "doing business with myanmar"

For those who would like to contact with the NMCT, here's the address:

Netherlands-Myanmar Council for Trade Promotion
Secretary G. Westenburg
Bezuidenhoutseweg 181
P.O.Box 10
NL-2501 CA The Hague
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 70 344 15 56  /  Fax: +31 70 385 35 31

Nwe Aung / The Burma Bureau - Germany   

On 13 Feb 1996 a2639408@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: Niko Reichwald <a2639408@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> "Doing Business with Military Dictators"
> The Netherlands-Myanmar Council for Trade Promotion (NMCT) is sponsoring 
> an information meeting "doing business with myanmar" on March 13,1996 at 
> 14:30 hour in the Chamber of Commerce and Fabrics (Beursplein 37, Grand-
> hall) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
> The NMCT was founded on December 08,1995 with the goal to stimulate trade 
> between both countries and to offer Myanmar the possibilities as a 
> business partner under the attention of the Netherlands business world.
> The info meeting will be opened by H.J.Stevens, the chairman of the 
> Myanmar Consul in the Netherlands, and the main speaker will be Pyo We Win,
> one of the sons of dictator Ne Win (son-of-a-gun) and will read on "doing 
> business with myanmar". The other speakers are W.Radelaar (cultural 
> aspects of myanmar), P.van Zanten,general manager ING bank (financial 
> aspects) and P.Loos, deputy director Indosuez bank (strategy with respect 
> to myanmar). The secretary of the NMCT, G.Westenburg, mentioned that the 
> interested persons are required to inform the office as soon as possible 
> before March 08, 1996.
> The Burma Bureau/Germany would like to invite comments on this meeting 
> "doing business with slorc" from the international community, especially 
> from our friends of The Netherlands. We are of the opinion that the info 
> meeting is only to do with "doing business with military dictators slorc"
> and nothing to do with Burma. The NMCT is absolutely not doing the trade 
> promotion, but slorc promotion. The NL-council should be far-sighted and 
> should consider long-term trade relationship with democratic Burma in the 
> interest of both nations, otherwise it might become a "hate promotion".