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Burma's constitution meeting takes (r)

Subject:       Re: Burma's constitution meeting takes a break

> From: "W. Kesavatana-Dohrs" <dohrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Burma's constitution meeting takes a break
> Mr. Pillai,
> You are apparently still annoyed about someone calling the SLORC "Thieves 
> and snoops."  Let me clarify what happened, then you tell me whether that 
> remains an accurate assessment.

No, I am not.  What I took issue was the tendency to throw stones for 
no apparent purpose.  If the intention is to seek a democratic future 
for Burma, as I would like to see, it would not come about with the 
Internet equivalent of bar-room talk.  There is a naive assumption 
that Slorc are a bunch of fools.  They are not.  And if you want to 
best them, it has to be done with precision, thought, political 
shrewdness and everything else that is needed that will force Slorc 
to come to their knees.  But that does not seem to be the intention 

M.G.G. Pillai