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Slorc paddy procurement policy in Tenessarim division
	Slorc authorities in Palaw and Laung Lone township in Tenessarim
division forcibly ordered the local farmers to sell 8 Burmese-unit baskets
per acre of cultivated land at the government fixed price of 70 kyats,
compared to a market price of between 300-250 kyats. Some farmers could
not sell that amount because of the flood damage and poor harvests, they
were forced to purchase rice at the market price and sell back to the
Slorc at their fixed price. In order to get the money for purchasing
paddy, they were required to sell their land, house and cattle. Some
farmers were arrested for failing to sell the rice to the Slorc. Last
year, ten farmers from Leik-ou-thaung, Pyin-bu-gyi, Pyin-bu- ngwe village
of Palaw township and 15 farmers from Myo Haung, Thaung Min Pyaung, Sa
khan Gyi villages of Laung Lon township were arrested for this reason. 

More tax for the Mergui town beautification
	According to the Township LORC of Palaw townships Order No.
4020/221/3- MaWaTa/Pala-2, issued on November 3, 1995, all the 64 villages
in Palaw township were ordered to pay 35220 kyats not later them November
20, 1995. The reason for the tax was to renovate the pier of Mergui in
order to use as the landing pier of international sea- carriers. Other
beautification are underway for the beautification projects for the Visit
Myanmar Year 1996. 

17  laborers died in harness
	On November 22, 1995, 17 forced laborers in Hnin Kyel labor camp
in Ye byu township, Tanessarim division died in harness when the earth
collapsed.  They all were from Ain Shat Pyin village and were forced to
work in this labor camp.  20 laborers were trapped under the earth
collapse and only 17 were rescued and send to Tavoy hospital. All of them
died in the hospital and the other three were missing.  The Tanessarim
division LORC warned the village where the unfortunate were from not to
spread the news out, otherwise they would be severely punished.  The
remaining family did not get any compensation for the deaths although they
Slorc said before any death accidents would be compensated 10,000 kyats. 

Human Rights Day beating
	On December 10, 1995, an International Human Rights Day, village
headman of Hta-min-ma-sar village, Palaw township in Tenessarim division
was beaten up by the deputy column commander Cap. Tha Ban of IB (17). The
military column arrived the village and arrested the headman. Cap. Than
Ban interrogated the whereabouts of ABSDF forces. He did not actually have
any contacts with the forces and he said no. He was later tied his hands
at his back and beaten up severely while he was interrogated. 

Even exile Burmese cannot escape from Slorcs coercion of donation
	Exile Burmese in Bangkok were coerced to donate money for giving
honor to the winning Burmese athletes of the 18th SEA Games held in Chaing
Mai, Bangkok.  According to the letter No. 4986/45 issued on October 6,
1995, the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok asked the Burmese passport holders to
contribute money to the Embassy for its honoring ceremony to the winning
Burmese athletes of SEA Games. In addition to this, the exile Burmese were
asked to donate for the Slorc chairman trophy Golf competition (Dec,
1995), Burmese Regatta Festival (December 1995), and third National Sport
Festival (February, 1996).
	Burmese who need to extend their visas and need some official
papers from the Burmese embassy are coerced to donate money for these
reason. They have no other choice but to pay some money in order to smooth
their needs. That is ridiculous because the Burmese embassy never take
care of its citizens in Bangkok but just coercing money from them. Recent,
25 Burmese passportholders with genuine and valid visa were rounded up on
Dec.11 in Bangkok and detained at the police lockup for a whole day
without any reason. They did not get any assistance from Burmese embassy.