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Another beautification order in Kan Bauk 
	Kan Bauk district in tenessarim division has been recently
promoted as a township level administrative area. In order to qualify the
township level standard, people from Kan Bauk were ordered to do
beautification activities by the Slorc. Without any assistance by the
authorities, people required to extend the motor roads, build up the
platforms and white wash their houses with their own expense. Each person
from every household had to go and work the unpaid labor for these
beautification activities. Every household had to pay for building up the
platform in front of their house. The pay would vary depend on the length
of the house on the street. The cost of 10 foot long platform was 500
Kyats. If fail to pay, their house and land would be seized without any
compensation and people would be forcibly evicted from the township. The
family of U Ah Htaw and Daw Gib Poke from Mya Thida ward was evicted from
the township for failing to pay 4000 Kyats for 80 foot long platform in
front of their house. Family of U Pho Hto and Daw Khin Hla from Khine
Thazin ward faced similar fate for failing to pay 2000 Kyats for 40 foot
long platform. 

Military and illegal logging on Hein Zel islands
	Military buildings and office building of foreign oil companies
built up with using forced labor the Hein Zel islands has been over but
people are still summoned to work on the island and used illegal logging
businesses run by military officials.
	A company commanded by Major Thadoe Aung of LIB 410 which is
taking security guard on the Hein Zel island conscripted 15 local
villagers from Bwu Gyi, Bwike, Tabin Shwehtee, Lin Lun Bwu, Walakoke
villager which are situated just opposite of the island and used in their
illegal logging concession on the island. The conscripted laborers were
required to cut and saw the logs. later the military sold it one ton for
10,000 kyats.  In every night, the illegal boats from Pa-nga, Kalope-pi,
Mawkanin, Kawduk and Lamai shipped at the island and smuggled out. 

rapes and sexual harassment in the forced labor camps
	Corporal Aung Win from LIB 407 was beaten up on November 25, by
the laborers in Nwe Li labor camp Tavoy, Tenessarim division while he and
other one soldier attempting to rape the female laborer from the camp.  He
was seriously injured from the beating and later taken to the Tavoy
hospital. The victim was Ma San Aye, 21 years old girl from Pyine Htein
village, Laung Lon township. 

full text of  "Statement of Karenni National Progressive party's December 
20, 1995 Emergency meeting with regard to cease-fire"
	In response to its peace overture, the Karenni National Party had
a series of talk with Slorc. Slorc agreed to 16 points put forward by
KNPP, and as a result, an agreement was reached. To mark and solemnized
the agreement, a ceremony was held on March 21, 1995. But after the
ceremony, Slorc failed to abide by the agreement. It, in violation of the
agreement, launched a major military offensive code-named "Taing Lone
Heim" (Echo through the region), sending thousands of its troops into the
KNPP controlled area. KNPP tried to solve the problem through talks on
June 20 and June 22 in Loikaw with local Slorc's commanders, but without
any positive result. Wishing to abide by the cease-fire agree reached on
March 21, 1995, and wanting to know the intention of Slorc clearly, KNPP,
as an attempt to solve the problem, sent a delegation to Rangoon on
November 21, 1995. During the talks with Slorc, the KNPP delegation was
explicitly told that the agreement reached between it and the former did
not amount to an official agreement, and that Slorc could not withdraw its
troops it had thrown into Karenni-controlled area. the agreement reached,
Slorc's military authorities said, was only a step where KNPP had entered
the legal fold. Slorc has not only violated an agreement reached with KNPP
on March 21, 1995, it also regards KNPP as a group that has surrendered.
hence, KNPP regards the agreement reached with Slorc in March 1995 as null
and void. On the other hand, KNPP firmly believes that peace can be
achieved through the official cease-fire reached with Slorc in March 1995.
Hence, based on equality, mutual respects, mutual recognition, good will
and honesty, KNPP is willing to continue holding cease-fire talks with
Slorc. Central Committee Karenni national Progressive party