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From RSO, in Arab Newspaper

Burmese Junta kills five Rohingya youths in Arakan

Arab News, (English Saudi Arabian daily newspaper) december 14, 1995.

By a Staff Writer

Five Rohingya Muslim youths from Arakan province were shot dead after 
torture by the Burmese military junta recently, according to a stetement 
issued by the Rohingya Solidarity ORganization (RSO).
 A section of military intelligence belonging to Unit 18 of  Buthidaung 
township, some 80 miles north of Akyab, captial of Arakan state, had 
arrested these youths from different villages under the township for alledly 
having links with rebel groups. In course of interrogation, they were 
subjected to severe torture and later on all of them were shot dead behind a 
hill west of the military unit.
 The RSO gave the names of the victims as: Abu Siddique, 20, from Sin Oo 
Byin village, Muhammad Shafi, 22, and Nazir Hussain, 21, from Mingyi 
village, Anwar, 19, from Migyagze village and Abdur Rahim, 35, from Pondgaw 
Byin village.
 RSO siad extrajudicial killings of Rohingyas are a common affairs as 
perpetrators have no fear of being prosecuted. The organization gave 
chronological details of some brutal murders commiitted by the so-called 
State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC).
 It said Imam Sharif, 45, of Sikdarpara village near Maungdaw was inhumanely 
beaten to death, Na Sa Ka (border security forces) of Khandaung killed Shah 
Alam, 35, of Ponnoylake village by beating, NSK bayoneted Muhammad haroon to 
death as he was ill and could not follow NSK orders to load belongings on a 
boat, and NSK fired indiscriminately on a fishing boat at Pyin Pyu creek 
killing four fishermen.
 The RSO said besides massacring Rohingya youths, the military junta is also 
indulged in serious human rights violations like rape, torture and arbitrary 

We missed this statement by the RSO on Burmanet: why we put it on ourselves. 
Does anyone know why we hear so little from the peoples of Arakan/Rakhine 
State? Regards, Gijs
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