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Asia Pacific Consortium on Burma

                    Asia Pacific Consortium on Burma
                 December 17-18, 1995, Bangkok, Thailand


An Asia Pacific Consortium on Burma attended by 36 participants
from 26 organizations/ groups in 12 Asia Pacific countries and
other continents held on December 17-18, 1995 in Bangkok,

Noting that since the release of the 1991 Nobel Peace Laureate
awardee Aung San Suu Kyi, the general situation in Burma has not

Noting with grave concerns that:

1. Despite of the decision by the elected people's
representatives from the National League for Democracy to no
longer participate in the process, the State Law and Order
Council (SLORC) is continuing with its National Convention.

2. The ceasefire which the SLORC military dictatorship is
coercing the ethnic nationalities to agree to, do not represent
progress towards genuine peace and national reconciliation.

3. Despite of the repeated calls by the United Nations and the
others the Slorc has refused to enter into a political dialogue
with the democratic forces led by Aung San Suu Kyi and the ethnic

4. Repressive Laws still remain; hundreds of political prisoners
are still languishing in jail.

5. The model of development being embraced by the SLORC, promoted
by the Asian Development Bank and actively being pursued by ASEAN
and most foreign investors, is certain to result in great
environmental destruction; further displacement of indigenous
peoples; further enrichment of a small and illegitimate,
additional inflationary pressure, and hindrance of the process of

6. The multinational investments that are financing the SLORC
military dictatorship are continuing regardless of the gross
human rights violations; particularly against workers, women,
children, indigenous peoples.

7. The ASEAN members support the SLORC despite of its human
rights abuses and are working to accept it as a member.

Therefore, the Asia Pacific Consortium on Burma:

Expresses its grave concerns over the continuing serious
violations of human rights in Burma. The UN General Assembly's
Third Committee recently adopted a resolution, for the fourth
consecutive year, condemning the State Law and Order Restoration
Council (SLORC) for its failure to respect human rights. Clearly,
the "Constructive Engagement" policy, adopted by ASEAN in the
past, has not resulted in greater respect for human rights nor
the return of democracy in Burma.

The Consortium is particularly disturbed by the most recent
developments related to the work of the National Convention
responsible for drawing up a new constitution for the country

Calls for unconditional release of all political prisoners

Urges the SLORC to immediately enter into a genuine dialogue with
Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD, other leaders of the democratic
opposition and representatives of ethnic nationalities aimed at
achieving national reconciliation and the restoration of

Calls on the SLORC to halt the National Convention since it has
no legitimacy. The NLD which is has the majority of the
elected-representatives did not join in the process.

Recognizes the legitimacy of the NLD under the leadership of Aung
San Suu Kyi to be the main convenor of the National Convention;

Urges the ASEAN, and the International Community to exert more
efforts to instruct the SLORC to enter into a meaningful dialogue
with the democratic forces under the supervision of the United
Nations' Secretary General;

Expresses its concern over the multilateral investment projects;

Strongly urges the ASEAN to take appropriate measures to support
human rights in Burma as ASEAN's Constructive Engagement Policy
benefits only SLORC but harms the people of Burma.

Also urges ASEAN to adopt the people-centered sustainable

Urges the Secretary General of the United Nations to fully
implement the December 1994, 1995 resolutions of the UN General
Assembly which call for the Secretary General to assist in the
national reconciliation process.

Calls on Burma's neighbors and the international community as a
whole to impose an embargo on arms and war supplies to SLORC; and

Call on tourists, particularly those from within ASEAN, not to
support "Visit Myanmar Year 1996" which is causing great hardship
to the people of Burma Forced relocations, forced labor and a
disruption of essential services.

                            FREE BURMA NOW !!

December 18, 1995
Bangkok, Thailand